Sunday, July 19, 2009

Purpose for this blog.

The purpose of this blog is to make Christians aware of the common misconceptions of their religion. The sins and contradictions contained within the pages of their book of myth, commonly referred to as the Bible. I will expose the text that they commonly use to justify the bigotry and hatred of many groups of human beings throughout history as well as propose questions that need to be answered about why they believe that the Bible is the "word of god" and that it should be followed to a tee. Also, why they don't follow every guideline set forth in this so called word of god.

I come at this blog through the eyes of someone who was so committed to the christian religion that I wanted at one point in my life to become a pastor. However, as I read the bible and did further research of the time period and customs of the time in which the 66 different books were written I went from a devout christian to agnostic to a total atheist.

Just know that some are not going to like what they read in this blog and I am sure that there will be some full on confrontations in the form of comments which I will also address. This blog will probably start off with slow posts at first and will become more frequent as it progresses.

For now I must go but I will return.


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